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In order to produce equipment for the military, manufacturers must meet rigorous standards. All products must be of the highest quality and strength. For over 15 years, Crysteel along with various chassis manufacturers, has been under contract with the Federal Government to provide an array of dump bodies for the United States Military.

Option 1: FMTV 10-Ton Dump: The FMTV with 10-ton Crysteel dump and Roller Combo hoist provides the payload capacity and durability to support military personnel in any construction mission. Option 2: PLS Truck with 12 CU-Yd Dump Body: PLS with Engineer Mission Module is capable of hauling 12 cubic yards of material. Trailer with matching 8 x 20 dump body doubles its hauling capability. Option 3: M-917 20-Ton Dump Truck: The M917A2 Dump Truck is the primary vehicle in engineer units for earth, rock, aggregate, and construction materials. Shown with Material Master Tailgate.