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Switch-N-Go™ platform bodies also known as flatbed or equipment bodies are available in seven standard lengths, from 9 to 15 feet long. Companies that deliver equipment either to customers or to a job site can’t get enough of the Switch-N-Go™ system when it is paired with multiple platform or flatbed equipment bodies. Now companies can keep their trucks in motion by having equipment or materials set in place on an equipment body so there is no wasteful loading or unloading time for the drivers. They simply load up a full platform body and go then drop off that body at the work site and they are off to the shop to pick up the next delivery. These flatbeds all come with our top quality powder coated finish which is boosted by our triple stage wash to ensure proper curing and rust resistance. Our equipment bodies come standard with industry respected features like bulkhead windows, keyholes, stake pockets and a one (1) foot equipment ramp. Options for our platform bodies include 40” high stake sides, additional key holes and either 12” or 24” expanded metal sides.