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Stake Bodies are available in a number of floor configurations, including one-piece composite, wood, smooth steel and steel treadplate materials. A very useful standard feature of these bodies is the outside tie rail for securing materials to the platform. Reading offers a variety of rack sets to secure your tools and supplies. Steel stake racks are roll-formed from A60 coating weight steel; acrylic E-Coat primed; and top coated with durable, high gloss Powder Coating.

Option 1: Rugged American Composite Stake: Rugged American S.M.A.R.T. racks are made of strong, impact resistant composite materials, saving weight and allowing for increased payload capacity. Each rack interlocks with the next, eliminating the need for latching hardware. This reduces cost and weight, and insures racks are always locked together when placed into stake pockets. Interchangeable racks can be placed at any spot on either side of the body and automatically lock into pockets. Option 2: Rugged American Steel Stake: One of Rugged American's Steel Product Line, the Stake Body is available in lengths from 10' to 26' with a 96" wide body. Entire body is black Powder Coated over industry leading E-Coat priming, meaning it's built to last. Standard features and optionsassure you get the truck you need.