Signature Dry Freight Van

Dry Freight Van Bodies, also called box trucks or straight trucks, are generally used by companies needing to haul large items.

Cargo Delivery

Cargo Delivery Van Bodies are Supreme van bodies mounted to a cutaway chassis built by Ford or General Motors.

Refrigerated Bodies

Refrigerated Van Bodies, also called refrigerated trucks, refrigerated vans, or insulated vans, are used to keep your perishable cargo at a consistent temperature.

Stake Bodies

With Stake Truck Bodies, the stake sides are removable allowing the stake body the flexibility of being both a platform truck and stake truck all in one. Stake truck bodies are popular with lawn care, landscape, golf courses, parks and recreation, nurseries, farm and agriculture, municipalities, and county governments.


Landscape Truck Bodies include three Supreme truck body upfits: the Landscaper landscape trucks, VanScaper landscape vans and Stake trucks.

Specialty Vehicles

Supreme Specialty Vehicles designs a variety of customized truck upfits for homeland response, law enforcement, emergency, and cash-in-transit. Popular specialty vehicle models include SWAT rapid deployment vehicles, prisoner transport, crime scene, search and rescue, tactical armored vehicles, bomb squad vehicles.