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Choose from 7 models to fit your needs and your vehicle. Aluminum flatbeds, stakes, dumping flats and tow bodies, there's a flatbed for every vehicle.

Option 1: TC-500 Heavy Duty Aluminum Flatbed: 100% heat treated T-6 aluminum alloy construction for maximum strength, lowest possible weight and great lifelong appearance. Option 2: TC-500 Aluminum Rack Sides for Stakes & Flats: Extruded, tempered .125 thick T-6 alloy aluminum rack sides for the TC-500. Available in 6"", 12"", 30"" and 40"" heights. Option 3: TruckCraft Starlifter Aluminum Dumping Flats: Heavy duty aluminum flats, factory assembled on a pre-painted subframe, complete with a double-acting power unit and all hardware required for quick installation. Available in sizes to fit CA's from 56", 60", 84" to 120" long. Body lengths from pickup truck up to 14’-2” long. Hoist capacities from 9,500 lb to 17,000 lbs. Option 4: TC-503 Aluminum Landscaper Body: Available for 60" and 84" chassis, in either 40" or 50" side-height versions. Double acting hoist is 16,600 or 17,000 lb capacity. Some available options offered include a load-bearing cabguard, passenger-side front door, tailgate with coal-chute and various barn-door configurations. Option 5: TC-505 Lynx & Lynx Plus Aluminum Tow Body: Add a heavy-duty aluminum tow body to your DRW chassis or pickup box-delete that has both looks & weight capacity for your jobs. Option 6: TC-508 Aluminum Dumping Flat: Designed to allow you to quickly make your SRW pickup or chassis into a working dump truck. Option 7: TC-501 Hercules Extra Heavy Duty Aluminum Flatbed: An extra-heavy duty design aluminum flatbed, made of 100% 6061 T6 alloy extrusion.