Metro Dropside Flat for SRW Pickups

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Standard Features:

  • Flat Floor- No edge to hang up material.
  • Bulkhead has window protection, hand grips, and goalposts on top for securing long loads.
  • Removable 16" anodized drop sides.
  • Removable 16" anodized tailgate.
  • Side access steps.
  • 6 recessed S.S. tiedowns.
  • Marker lights, LED, with harness.
  • Tailboard with LED STT, license plate lights & harness.
  • Floor, rubrails, tailgate, dropsides, stringers constructed of 6061-T6 heat treated alloy aluminum.
  • ICC bumper with class III hitch.
  • White TruckCraft logo mudflaps.
  • Mounting kit for Ford, Chevy, or Dodge.