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Economy Spreaders

Compact spreaders for light vehicles. Meyer Base Line tailgate spreaders offer contractors economical ice control. Available in 240 lb. and 400 lb. capacities, both are easy-to-use and perfect for small- to medium-sized jobs like icy walkways and long, snowy driveways.

Premium Spreaders

Spreaders for light pick-ups to 1-ton vehicles, 1/2 ton+ Trucks, Tractors w/3 Point Hitch. Meyer® Blaster™ Spreaders are available in 350 lb. and 750 lb. capacities.

Strap Mount Spreaders

The Meyer Mate™ has a generous 9.0 cubic foot capacity (700 lbs.) and attaches conveniently to your vehicle without tools, in minutes.

Compact Hopper

This all-season performer can spread top dressings like fertilizer and seed, as well as salt and sand on snow and ice.

Small Economy Hopper

The Meyer BL-600 is made of stainless steel to provide years of reliable service in snowy conditions, and its low-profile design allows the driver increased rear window visibility. The extra large 1.5 cu. yd. capacity hopper is constructed from stainless steel and can spread salt, sand, salt/sand mix and free flowing granular materials up to 30 feet.

Medium Steel Hoppers

Meyer’s versatile line of insert hopper spreaders fit most ¾- to 1-ton pick-up trucks and share many of the same time-saving, long-lasting features of our larger MDV series spreaders. Meyer PVs are available in seven- and eight-foot lengths, and have 1.8 and 2.0 cubic yard capacities.

Medium Poly Hoppers

The Polyhawk™ is designed to be your snow and ice removal spreader not only for this season, but for many to come. Featuring an unprecedented ten-year warranty on the virtually indestructible polyethylene insert hopper.

Large Hoppers

Meyer’s Medium Duty V-box Spreader (MDV) is made for heavy-duty and super-duty trucks. The Meyer MDV provides smaller vehicles with the performance characteristics of a highway-style spreader.

Undertailgate Economy

Get year-round performance from your dump truck. The Meyer Base Line series of spreaders is designed to provide no-frill performance at a reasonable price. The stainless steel Meyer Base Line BL-960 under tailgate spreader quickly and affordably changes your new or existing dump truck into a spreader for year-round performance.

Undertailgate Premium

Under Tailgate Spreaders (UTG) use a combination of a self-contained auger with removable spinners, and can apply salt, sand or combination of both, from four to 40 feet on icy drives and snowy parking lots.
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