The Boss

The Boss

Power-V DXT Plows

Impact protection no matter what. From frozen snow banks to manhole covers to curbs – the Dual-Trip Power-V DXT has you covered.

Power-V XT Plows

The Boss Power-V XT throws snow farther and higher for improved efficiency and less time on the job.

Power-V Plows

The tough yet versatile Steel Power-V features a half-inch thick, patented high-performance cutting edge made of Hardox® that delivers extended wear resistance compared to conventional cutting edges.

Straight-Blade Plows

THE BOSS Standard-Duty and Super-Duty Straight-Blade Plows are the classic workhorses.

Trip-Edge Plows

THE BOSS Trip-Edge Snowplows are designed to power through the heaviest snow, regardless of what obstacles lay beneath. The extra rigid moldboard and trip-edge technology ensures that only the base angle trips when encountering an obstacle–not the entire blade–which means you won’t lose the load you’re pushing.

Municipal Plows

Heavy-duty straight and V-Plows are built to consistently power through the deepest and heaviest of snows.

Sport Duty Plows

The 7’0” BOSS Sport-Duty Plow is built especially for downsized 4×4’s and SUVs, while the 7’6” Sport-Duty is perfect for full-size half-ton trucks and SUVs.

Box Plows

THE BOSS BX-12 is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize wear and tear. It features a segmented trip-edge which allows the part of the cutting edge that comes into contact with an obstruction to trip independently of the rest of the cutting edge.

UTV Plows

UTV Plows are engineered for your UTV, yet built to the same professionalgrade standards as full-size BOSS plows, making them tough enough to handle any snow removal job.

Skid-Steer Plows

The versatile BOSS Trip-Edge Skid Steer Plow takes the surprises out of blade-jarring obstacles like ice, curbs and manhole covers.