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Our standard designs accommodate ladders and long material — all the oversized items you need to carry. Four models available to suit your needs: EZ-GLIDE™ System, Quick Clamp Racks, All-Purpose Racks and Safari Racks.

Option 1: EZ-GLIDE™ System: The quickest, easiest and safest drop-down ladder rack system available, the EZ-GLIDE System also has a long-lasting aluminum frame design and interlocking supports that ensure your ladders stay in place when stowed. Option 2: Quick Clamp Racks: Engineered to make loading and unloading your ladder an easy, one-person operation. Ladder Hooks on the front end of the side rails have been extended and angled outward for easier loading of ladders in tight places. Option 3: All-Purpose Racks: Available in aluminum or steel, WEATHER GUARD® All Purpose Roof Racks are versatile and rugged and create a space for all the long equipment you need to carry. Option 4: Safari Rack: Excellent for hauling all types of materials. Easily accomodates 4-foot wide loads and distributes the weight evenly over eight cross members to protect the roof of the van.